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Dan Finck CrossFit Coach



Dan Finck, CCFT

Owner/Head Coach

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Dan has been living in Colorado since September 2009 and has two kids, Zoe and Grayson. Dan graduated from Whittier College in 2004 with a degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition Science. While attending Whittier, Dan played collegiate lacrosse and helped led his Poets to 3 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, reaching the final four in 2003.

In 2004, Dan went onto win a Canadian National Championship with the Peterborough Lakers, before being drafted by the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League 13th overall. Dan was selected to the All-Rookie Team in 2005. 


Dan was introduced to CrossFit in the spring of 2008 by a personal training co-worker. After his first CrossFit workout, Dan was sold and began teaching himself everything he could about the CrossFit methodology. When Dan moved to Colorado, he became CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has been coaching, training, and living the CrossFit lifestyle ever since. Dan believes the best thing about the CrossFit Community is its ability to make people’s lives better. “When you start to see changes in your health and fitness, you can’t help but want more. Things that you thought were unobtainable in your life all of a sudden become obtainable and your priorities become clear and focused.”


Certified CrossFit Trainer - CrossFit Level 3

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

CrossFit Powerlifting

CrossFit Gymnastics 

Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach - USAW Level 1

Advanced Sports Performance Coach - USAW Level 2

Whittier College - B.A. with a major in Kinesiology and Nutrition Science

CPR - National CPR Association 


2010 CrossFit Games - Team

2011 CrossFit Southwest Regional - Individual

2012 CrossFit Southwest Regional - Team

2013 CrossFit Southwest Regional - Individual

2014 CrossFit Southwest Regional - Team

2015 CrossFit South Regional - Team

2018 CrossFit Online Age Group Qualifier - 35-39

2019 CrossFit Online Age Group Qualifier - 35-39

2020 CrossFit Online Age Group Qualifier - 35-39

2021 CrossFit Games - 40-44

2022 CrossFit Online Age Group Semi Final, 40-44

2023 CrossFit Online Age Group Semi Final, 40-44

Samantha Call
Sam Call CrossFit Coach




Samantha Call



Throughout Sam’s life, she has always prided herself on being active and fit, but CrossFit has brought that to a whole new light.  Growing up, she participated in soccer, track, cross country, and softball while remaining active in the Colorado Outdoors by hiking, skiing, biking, and wakeboarding.  A life full of competing made CrossFit an obvious transition for her, bringing the team mentality together with the motivation and drive to train for something bigger.  CrossFit is not just a workout, but a lifestyle – we are immersed in a community unlike any other and Sam, along with NoCoast CrossFit, is excited to use that vehicle to drive change and lifetime fitness within our community as well.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer 

CPR - National CPR Association 


2012 CrossFit Southwest Regional - Team

2021 CrossFit Online Age Group Qualifier, 35-39

2022 CrossFit Online Age Group Quarter Final, 35-39

2023 CrossFit Online Age Group Quarter Final, 35-39

Christian Walter CrossFit Coach

Christian Walter


Christian was introduced to CrossFit in February of 2014 as a Valentine's Day gift from his wife Evelyn.  He got hooked at his first Saturday partner WOD and hasn't looked back.  


For him, CrossFit drew on some memorable experiences playing high school football on a competitive team in a competitive area:  teamwork, encouraging each other to give your all (and then some), and friendships forged through shared adversity.


An engineer by education, Christian loves to understand how things fit together and how to refine them.  Taking the Level 1 Crossfit certification opened the door to applying that same mindset to the CrossFit movements and methodology.


Outside the box, Christian is the stay-at-home parent to two young daughters and looks forward to incorporating Crossfit into their lives at some point in the near future.  He also regularly volunteers running projects with Be The Gift which provides home repairs to single moms on the front range.  


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Adaptive Certified

CrossFit Kids

CPR - National CPR Association 

Christian Walter

Marisa Martinez


A Texas transplant, Marisa grew up trying out all kinds of sports, from golf to soccer. The only sport that stuck was judo, which she pursued to a brown belt and into college. When the mechanical engineering became overwhelming she looked for something to continue being active and competitive in and that worked better for a full time student: CrossFit was the answer. That was over 6 years ago now and CrossFit has become such a huge part of her life. Having the constant challenge of the WODs and the support from the community that CrossFit is known for, really pushed her to compete in local competitions and pursue coaching. In that journey, she has found that it’s even more rewarding to help others achieve their goals than only striving for her own. After finding a new home here at NoCoast CF she hopes to continue motivating others and be inspired to keep achieving new goals.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CPR - National CPR Association 

Marisa Martinez
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Matt Anderson


Matt is a native Coloradan growing up in Eaton, Colorado. Being from a small town, Matt was
always an active athlete garnering all-state honors in football and baseball. He went on to play
D1 baseball in TX helping lead his team to the 2001 NCAA Regionals in Houston, TX. After
College, Matt started a family and let his fitness slip a bit and found CrossFit in 2011 through a
friend. It immediately rejuvenated his competitive spirit and he’s been an active member of the
community ever since.

Matt was a member of his CrossFit gyms 2012 Southwest regional team and has competed in
several local competitions over the years taking a few titles along the way. CrossFit allowed
Matt to find an outlet for that good old fashioned competitive spirit while creating a larger
sense of community and friendship that drives his outgoing personality. Realizing that CrossFit
was more than just an exercise program, Matt decided to pursue coaching in 2014 to help
others learn and enjoy the passion for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Matt has two kiddos that frequent the gym in between all their sports activities and school life.
He enjoys supporting them in all their goals and CrossFit has become a part of those little life
adventures they can enjoy together along with all that Colorado has to offer!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


2012 CrossFit Southwest Regional - Team

2021 CrossFit Online Age Group Qualifier, 40-44

2022 CrossFit Online Age Group Quarter Final, 45-49

2023 CrossFit Online Age Group Quarter Final, 45-49

Heather Hayes
Nicole Wigston CrossFit Coach

Nicole Wigston 


Nicole moved to Colorado in 2000 after living in several Eastern states. She quickly became addicted to
outdoor sports including whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and all forms of snow
sliding. After having two kids, she began running and dabbling in sprint distance mountain triathlon in
2013. Nicole had several friends who raved about CrossFit, but she resisted joining (barbells were
intimidating!) until seeing and hearing about her husband Nick’s results at NoCoast. After just one
Saturday in 2018, she dropped triathlon training and wholeheartedly fell for CrossFit and the NoCoast

As an athlete in her mid-to-late forties, Nicole recognizes the importance of nutrition, mobility,
recovery, and adapting each workout to her body’s needs. As a coach, Nicole seeks to meet each athlete
where they are on that day, helping to make it the best hour of the day as well as helping athletes to
become better, faster, and stronger over time.



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

Beth Wilson CrossFit Coach

Beth Wilson


Beth started CrossFit in 2014 after moving to Colorado. She wanted to try it in North Carolina but the desire to meet new people outside of work pushed her into making the leap. From day one she was hooked! Before CrossFit, Beth was a swimmer in high school and transitioned into weightlifting and running in college. After starting CrossFit, she quickly became involved in the local competition circuit with her first competition just 7 months later. A few months later, she competed as an individual and eventually competed in advanced team and individual competitions. With a few podium spots under her belt, she began training at an elite level that culminated in an all time best Open placement in 2020 , 252nd in the world in the 35-39 division (157th in the US).  


As her knowledge of the sport grew with the high level of training, she wanted to share that with her fellow athletes, so she became a Certified Level 1 trainer in 2018. From beginners to seasoned athletes, there is something to learn every day in the gym, and she enjoys being a part of that process. 


As a nurse, Beth is well aware of how nutrition and fitness is important in fighting off disease, maintaining wellness, and assisting in recovery. When she isn't in the gym, Beth enjoys the outdoors as much as possible -running, hiking, snowboarding, swimming- with her husband and three dogs. 


CrossFit and it's local communities have been instrumental in her mental and physical wellness over the years. She is looking forward to the opportunity to continue spreading knowledge and inspiring others to reach their highest potential.



Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

CPR- American Heart Association

Beth Wilson
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