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February 15, 2017

 Photo: Ken Apodaca

Good posture rarely comes naturally. It has been a challenge for me most of my life. For many of us, good posture needs to be self-generated.

Posture can reflect how we view ourselves or our mood. Posture is how we present ourselves to the world and telegraphs our willingness to be seen. Low self-esteem or insecurities can make us feel unworthy to share our tallest self.

However, our body wants to be in balance both internally and externally. And in CrossFit, posture is synonymous with form, so good posture protects against injury.

Personally, once my mother stopped nagging me about...

January 11, 2017

When I began thinking about this article, I realized that I was about to write again about the importance of honing awareness in CrossFit.

Unconsciously relying on incorrect muscles or sets of muscles during a lift is an injury waiting to happen. That’s something I’ve learned from living with pain and unfulfilled potential for months while I waited to heal.

Before I fully developed adequate upper body strength and awareness to do pull ups, I was engaging the wrong muscles to help me get up over the bar. I was incorrectly engaging the levator scapulae, forearms and elbows. Straining the levator scapula...

October 10, 2016

Mark Leach doing some barbell work in class.

I love this write-up from one of our members about "getting under it." It perfectly captures the beauty of the craft of CrossFit. It's a journey, and no matter how long you are in it, there is always something new to learn or perfect. The concept of infinite progress, regardless of your starting point, is deeply profound. How powerful for Mark to latch on to a concept in Olympic lifting, seemingly suddenly. In reality, his mind, body, and spirit had been working to this a-ha moment. He "got it" at just the right time in his journey, where all parts, mind,...

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