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July 6, 2018

In case you missed our July Athlete of Month blog, here's Sam's interview with Kevin. 

July 1, 2018

 Congratulation, Kevin! You’re our July Athlete of the Month!!

Kevin is an early morning NoCoaster through and through - even when he doesn’t have to get up early for work, he still makes it into the 5:30am class to get his sweat on with his early morning crew. Kevin’s consistency and work effort is inspiring and intoxicating; even when he’s the only one to show up for a burpee box jump over WOD, he’s still pumped up to crush it. Not only do we love Kevin for his enthusiasm as the sun is rising, but he’s always around to lend a helping hand. He also loves getting outside of the gym and spending time...

June 27, 2018

In today's NoCoast Vlog we are talking about our NoCoast Track system as well as our Black Track strength program, which we are starting a new quarter and template in July.

January 31, 2018

 Congratulations, Beth! You are our February Athlete of the Month!!!

Beth has been at NoCoast for almost a year and we’re so glad she decided to become a part of our community. After nearly 10 years of CrossFitting, Beth has seen and done it all, but she swears she is still learning and still improving! Her CrossFit journey has included throwing down with the elite of the sport at multiple Regional competitions, to being a mom to two beautiful girls, to learning how to use CrossFit as a way to stay healthy and keep up with her girls. We love her desire to learn and compete each day. If you’ve been lu...

December 31, 2017

Congratulations Dakota, you are our January Athlete of the Month

Dakota has been a NoCoaster for a little over a year and like many other sports he’s played, Dakota’s a natural CrossFitter. As a Black Track athlete, he’s been putting in the work over the past 6 months and his hard work has been paying off. Dakota’s skills, strength, and work capacity has made huge improvements; we’re excited to see the pay off this Open season!



Athletic/Sports history/highlights:

Growing up basketball was always my go-to sport. I played competitively for Broomfield High School as well as so...

May 2, 2017

Congratulations to Coach Aaron, you are our May Athlete of the Month! Aaron has been a NoCoaster for over 4 years now and in that time he’s been a Regional Athlete,

January 15, 2016

It’s that time of year again NoCoasters, the CrossFit Games Open season is upon us!

If you haven’t heard of the CrossFit Open, here’s a few things you need to know…

  1. This is a worldwide online competition. There was about 250,000 participants last year; everyone is welcome!

  2. You are able to compete against friends and family across the country/globe, as well as everyone at NoCoast.

  3. The Open starts on February 25th and last 5 weeks. Each week, a different workout is announced on Thursday evening at 6pm and you have until Monday evening at 6pm to do the workout and submit your score to the C...

December 1, 2015

Your December Athlete of the Month is Sarah Smiley! She's pretty new to NoCoast, but she came in with a mission! She is determined, putting in extra time to conquer her goals. When she's not doing the work prescribed, she's practicing double unders or muscle ups, not letting a single goat own her for too long. She quickly moved to Black Track, as she has a competitive drive. Sarah finds a way to get in a ton of work, even while working nights. Also, she is shadowing to become a back-up coach at NoCoast! We've been impressed with how quickly she's moved through her hours. Many of you have seen how ha...

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