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February 1, 2016

Judy has been with NoCoast since we opened! We love Judy's commitment to the process here, at NoCoast. She doesn't get bogged down with pushing weights and numbers, she simply works out. This is a great example to many of our athletes, and even more powerfully, to her peers outside of the gym. See, Judy is 65 years old, a mama of 2, and a grandma of 3. Most ladies her age aren't picking up CrossFit at this stage in life. But, we believe EVERYONE can benefit from our program, and can start at any age! She embraces the infinitely scalable piece to what we do, and is becoming fitter because of it! She...

December 1, 2015

Your December Athlete of the Month is Sarah Smiley! She's pretty new to NoCoast, but she came in with a mission! She is determined, putting in extra time to conquer her goals. When she's not doing the work prescribed, she's practicing double unders or muscle ups, not letting a single goat own her for too long. She quickly moved to Black Track, as she has a competitive drive. Sarah finds a way to get in a ton of work, even while working nights. Also, she is shadowing to become a back-up coach at NoCoast! We've been impressed with how quickly she's moved through her hours. Many of you have seen how ha...

January 15, 2015

Let me begin my admitting, I have never considered myself an athlete, unless an 8- year old little league (sometimes substitute) right fielder counts.  I’ll admit, it’s likely they stuck me in right field because, statistically speaking, right fielders are less likely to be involved in any plays, and therefore less likely to negatively impact the team.  Even as a young adult, I was passionate about the outdoors climbing, and yet it was never about fitness.  I began my venture into health and wellness via a local globo-gym and felt that I was in good shape - above average, maybe....

February 27, 2013

CrossFit is for everyone. We fully believe this. However, complications can surface when it comes to dealing with a large variety of needs and levels. When a trainer puts a workout on the board, athletes either do it Rx'd or they modify. The task of modifying is quite challenging-meeting the right needs through the right modification for a specific person. Inevitably, "Rx'd" becomes this holy grail, and people begin to do anything to have it by their name: lie, cheat, throw their backs out, and/or find their heads in the trashcan. Well, CrossFit is supposed to enhance your life, not make it nearly i...

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