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September 26, 2015

When you think of your fitness program, you probably think of things like conditioning, bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, and expressing your fitness through sports like skiing, climbing, and biking. These are all important pieces to the puzzle, but if you think this is all you need to live a fitter, healthier life, then you’re on your way to a lot of disappointment and frustration. The CrossFit Pyramid does consist of Sport, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Metabolic Conditioning, which are all important, but the most essential piece to our fitness journey is Nutrition, which sits at the bottom of...

September 12, 2015

Yes, there is an endless supply of Paleo blogs and recipes, and subsequently, there is likely an abundance of Paleo taco recipes. But, this one I've come across more than once, loved it both times, and didn't realize it was the same recipe until literally about 10 seconds ago. So in spite of the plethora of information on the www, I've gravitated towards this one enough times to share with you. Here's why:

1. The taco seasoning is the best. Now you can toss these things that have been sitting in your pantry for about 10 years: 

The ingredients list is as follows: Maltodextrin, Salt, Chili Pepper, Onio...

May 8, 2013

You will often see meat and dairy labels that say, “no added hormones,” or something like that. But, what exactly are they talking about? And what hormones should we be looking out for? Here is the FDA approvedlist:

1.       Estradiol-sex hormone, current form used in cattle has been linked to increased levels of breast cancer

2.       Progesterone-sex hormone used to increase fertility

3.       Testosterone-sex hormone used to increase weight gain in cattle. Most cattle are castrated and the supplement is used to “make up for” the lack thereo...

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