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January 1, 2016

Brett Luna started at NoCoast in 2015, and we are excited to ring in the New Year with him! He is loaded with a good amount of athleticism as it is. That's clear when you see him do endurance workouts. But, Brett doesn't hang out in any kind of comfort zone. He pushes his limits and expectations without much hesitation. Since coming to NoCoast, he's tackled anything that comes his way, most notably the Oly lifts. He ended 2015 with a bang by competing in the Alpine CrossFit Holiday Weightlifting Meet. We are convinced nothing can stop Brett from accomplishing what he wants. We look forward to 2016!


August 4, 2015

Kylie Davis is a young, dedicated, and focused individual. She makes progress quickly, and even in the short time she's been at NoCoast, she has really developed as an athlete. At not even 20 years old, she's a part of a growing movement of young ladies who buck mainstream media's message of how a woman should be using her body. As a hockey player, lacross player, cross country athlete, and now CrossFitter, this girl is functional! We love it and the example she sets for her generation.

Age/Weight: 19/ 135 lb.

How long have you been CrossFitting? I was introduced to Crossfit 5 years ago; however, I...

August 19, 2013

Since I began doing CrossFit workouts, I’ve been trying to figure out the pain barrier. And I’ve realized that the ones who are best at pain management, just are, and don’t think about it too much. But, I came into CrossFit pretty soft mentally. And physically. Like most people do. So for the non-freaks, what’s an average, inexperienced athlete to do with all this pain! Coach Dan wrote an article about mental toughness, and basically said that it’s in the discomfort where all the magic happens: you get stronger mentally, physically, spiritually. So how do we make the change practically? I have not m...

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