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Louisville - Lafayette - Broomfield - Erie

Is CrossFit Enticing but Intimidating?

Do Weights and Barbells Scare You?


What if we had a class designed just for you?

NC HIIT FIT Class begins January, 2019.

Mondays - Tuesdays - Thursdays (5pm-6pm)

NoCoast CrossFit has the answer you are looking for.

Our program is safe, efficient, and effective

  • Responsible class sizes (15 person cap)

  • Responsible programming

  • Professional coaching

  • Supportive community




  • We want to provide you with the best hour of your day

  • We will plan your warm up, workout, and cool down 

  • We will coach you every step of the way to keep you
    Safe and Confident

  • We will keep you motivated and accountable.

  • And our community of like minded people will support you every step of the way 

  • All you have to do is show up!


Stop Accepting Less Than You Deserve

Get the help you need to live a longer, healthier, stronger life!

Do it for your Family

Do it for your Kids

Do it for Yourself



Member Testimonial

"I’m not an elite athlete. I don’t have the genetics, the drive, the time, or perseverance to ever
reach that level. But I am making gains. It seems that every month or so I’m reaching a new
goal or improving my weight on a lift. Little gains here and there add up to big gains over time.
Just this week, I improved my CrossFit Total (back squat, shoulder press, deadlift) by 160
pounds over my first CrossFit Total about 4 years ago! It doesn’t happen all at once, but with
the coach’s instruction, and the community support, it does happen!
If you think CrossFit isn’t for you, or if you’ve ever had a bad experience with CrossFit at
another gym, think again. Look at the picture below – NoCoast CrossFit is for everyone, at

every stage of life. Young, old, fit, out-of-shape, injured, moms and dads, and elite athletes.
Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!"

Chris Carter - member since 2013

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