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CrossFit Quality of Life = Quality of Life

CrossFit is for everyone. We fully believe this. However, complications can surface when it comes to dealing with a large variety of needs and levels. When a trainer puts a workout on the board, athletes either do it Rx'd or they modify. The task of modifying is quite challenging-meeting the right needs through the right modification for a specific person. Inevitably, "Rx'd" becomes this holy grail, and people begin to do anything to have it by their name: lie, cheat, throw their backs out, and/or find their heads in the trashcan. Well, CrossFit is supposed to enhance your life, not make it nearly impossible to pick up your child, do laundry, or get out of bed. Doing the right workout for YOU can make all the difference when it comes to CrossFit quality of life!

At NoCoast, we start with LiftOne, the foundation program that will take you up the mountain. You learn the basics, have some fun, and build some confidence for moving on. After graduation, we will place you in one of 3 tracks on Beyond the Whiteboard, just like trails on a ski mountain: 1. Green, 2. Blue, 3. Black. Dan, the master programmer, will provide 3 versions of the same workout each day. Athletes will follow their specific track until it's evident they are ready to move on to the next one. We will be developing this concept as we play with it over the next few months. For now, here is a short rundown: Green: For folks who have just graduated from LiftOne. This will will also serve as our rehabilitative track, for people recovering from injury or anyone with severe range of motion problems. Blue: The mainstream use for CrossFit-improving general fitness. This is where 95% of CrossFit athletes play-the user's intention is to get fitter overall, not master CrossFit for CrossFit's sake. Black: The athletes who can complete all workouts "Rx'd," who have a mastery of every CrossFit skill (muscle ups, handstand push ups, Rx'd weight, etc.), and who CrossFit primarily to get better at CrossFit. I would add that this group is taking on a greater level of risk. Higher volume can often lead to trashed bodies. Some may say that is part of the game in a very competitive atmosphere. But we'd like to save that risk for individuals who have actually chosen to be IN the game. They have a good awareness of what they are getting into, have weighed the pros and cons, and still want to go for it.

Not everyone will fit into each of these so perfectly, so we imagine some will scale or upscale depending on where they are at and that's totally okay!

As the CrossFit community grows, our challenge becomes meeting the needs of different learners, athletic backgrounds, and goals of our athletes. Conceptualizing workouts this way, we hope, will lead to greater satisfaction out of the program. Greater satisfaction out of the program will mean greater satisfaction out of life.

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