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Shoulder Mobility & Stabilization

NoCoast shoulder mobility and stabilization series is off and running. If you didn’t make it to our clinic on Saturday, here are a few important things you missed, as well as the current exercises that are programmed into the workouts. The key points regarding the shoulder complex include proper biomechanics, scapular strength, range of motion, and proper postural awareness. Dysfunction in one or more of these areas can cause shoulder impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, scapular dyskinesia, and more. The shoulder is a joint with a lot of mobility, but one in which requires stability for overhead movements and increased load.

Below are the shoulder stabilization exercises and stretches that are programmed daily into the workouts. If you have any range of motion or shoulder issues, please feel free to email me at any time to set up an evaluation

Shoulder Stabilization Exercises (2-3 times a week)

1. Wax on Wax off against wall x 20

2. “Y’s” & “T’s” on Stomach or Box x 20

3. Internal/External Rot with band or weight x 20

4. Scap Rows with band x 20

5. KB Scapular Punches x 20

6. Turkish Get ups x 5 with shoe

Overhead Movements

Snatch, OH Squat, Pull ups, press, KB Swing

Shoulder Flexion with Band

Soft Tissue Release Pecs and Lats

Front Rack Position

Squat, cleans, press

External Rotation with Band

ER & Shoulder Flexion with PVC

Shoulder Extension

Muscle Ups, Dips, Push Ups

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