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Could You Use More Minerals in Your Life?

We encourage healthy eating as the foundation of fitness in our program. Without beneficial nutrition, you will still do well at the gym. You will make gains in the 10 general skills of fitness: speed, strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, accuracy, balance, and coordination. However, you might not lose weight or lean out. You might plateau in your performance. You might have fun and be fitter, but you won't be your best.

Here's where things get even trickier. If you are like me, you may be pretty good about what you eat. Little to no sugar, dairy, grains, or legumes. Whole foods. Organic and local when possible. But, I've had periods where my routine turns into a rut. I have my usual and same breakfast, lunch, and dinner, often consisting of the same foods every day. I've found that this leads to deficiencies in my overall intake, and therefore, my overall health. Variety ensures that your body is getting what it needs to properly function best on the cellular level. Here's a quick guide to check-in and see where you might need to shake things up a bit. A table of some of the minerals our bodies need and crave.


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*Side note: Get signed up for our Fall Food Feuds! This is a fun and great way to dial in the nutrition and add some variety to your plate! Throwdown on Saturdays in October, but with your best recipes!

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