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What You Need To Know About Black Track

Over the course of the past 3+ years, we’ve been working on developing our “Track” system to better individualize each athlete's workout. With that said, Black Track has been a work in progress and over the past few months we’ve worked hard to develop a definition that fits a variety of different programming options.

Below is our new, NoCoast Black Track Definition. Notice that there is 4 aspects to this program; WOD, Strength, Saturday Training Sessions, and Skill Clinics. It is important to point out that moving forward, you must fit into one or more of these 4 programs and show you are following those programs.

Also note, we are doing a Black Track Reset starting at the beginning of September. This means if you’d like to start or continue on Black Track you need to fill out a Black Track application and talk to Dan.

NoCoast Black Track - Definition

The NoCoast Black Track is designed for experienced CrossFitters who are looking to take their training to the next level. Whether you’re a competitor, a weekend warrior, or you’re looking to break through a plateau, Black Track can help you reach your goals. The following 4 programs are all part of Black Track; they can be beneficial on their own or in a multitude of combinations. Together with our coaches, we will come up with a training protocol to help you reach your goals.

The Black Track WOD Program consists of prescribed loading, higher skilled movements, and are a higher degree of difficulty. Black Track WODs are coached by professional NoCoast Coaches and are included in all classes alongside our Green and Blue Track athletes.

The Black Track Strength Program is a combination of strength, gymnastics, and sprint work. These workouts are completed on your own time, before or after class during NoCoast hours of operation, and are not coached.

The Black Track Saturday Training Sessions are held weekly between 7:00am and 8:45am; start times will change each week depending on the length of the workout. These workouts are generally high in loading, skill, and volume and are designed to challenge you mentally and physically.

The last Saturday of each month will also include a Skills Clinic, which will feature the skill of the month (upcoming month). Each skill will have 3 levels and each level will have a 4 week training protocol to help you improve your skills, mobility, and strength.

If you are interested in the NoCoast Black Track, contact Dan Finck ( You will need to fill out a Black Track Application form and set up a time to meet with Dan to review your goals and training protocol.

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