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Athlete of the Month: Shane

Shane has been with us since Little Blue. I am often a bit surprised that we're cool enough for him. But behind his good music choices, awesome beard, tasteful tattoos and piercings, he's simply a dude that works hard for his family. And we are just here to support that. He crushes the noon time lifestyle. He comes in super consistently, and gets his workouts during work hours before heading home to the family-a wife (Ashleigh), son (Ronin), and baby girl (Emmy Lou). He's incredibly strong, and lifting a lot of weight seems to come easy for him. But, he's become really adept at making the most of each day, modifying where needed, pushing when it's right. He's a Black Tracker always self improving. And he's always making us laugh. He really adds so much to any class he's in!


38/205 How long have you been CrossFitting?

little over 5 years Athletic/Sports history/highlights:

Played soccer when I was younger and lighter. Skateboard, dirt biking, and BMX pretty much all throughout my childhood. Played lacrosse after that, really just did it for fun in a bunch of adult leagues.

How did you get into CrossFit?

Lifted for most off my life, got into it when I was in middle school. In my 20s it was enough to go to the gym, hop on the treadmill for 5-10 min and lift for a hour. That kept me relatively in shape. But when 30 hit, things got pretty real. I never changed my diet or workout routine and gained a huge amount of weigh, and it really affected my body and mood. Got into CrossFit when someone at work suggested I try it since I was tired of trying to come up with a workout routine every week. We just stole workouts from the main site and tried as best as we could to do them at the local gym, all the while having to google every couple movements to see what the heck "thrusters" and "toes to bar" meant. After several months of that, my brother in law opened a crossfit gym and that helped nail down all the things I sucked at. What is your favorite WOD/CrossFit movement?

Overhead squats. What is your least favorite WOD/CrossFit movement?

No surprise here, running. Is that really a "crossfit movement"? If not, then wall balls. What is your most memorable CrossFit moment?

Can't really think of a moment, per se. But getting double unders and rope climbs felt like a really big achievement for me. How does nutrition play a role in your fitness and recovery?

Huge. I always underestimated nutrition, until I did Whole30 thing. I was doing CrossFit for maybe a year or two and lost some weight but lost almost 30 pounds after that challenge. I will never look at what i eat the same again. I really underestimated sugar.

How has CrossFit improved your overall wellness?

I think for me the best thing has been just an awareness of things. How my body works, stretching, warming up properly. Things like that I never even considered when i just worked out on my own. Advice to new people:

Enjoy the process and recognize that you don't know everything. I still don't know a lot and I still suck at a lot. The goals you set should be yours and not a comparison to someone else.

Also, get your heart rate up and be smart. It's the foundation of a good workout, or i just described working out.

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