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June Athlete of the Month: Coach Jurney

Congratulations to Coach Jurney, who is our June Athlete of the Month! Jurney has been a part of NoCoast since the day we got the keys to Little Blue; she was there for demo day, painting day, move in day, and she's been coaching since Day 1. Jurney also advanced to the CrossFit Games Online Qualifier for the second time this year; the first being in 2014. Her persistence and drive is inspiring as an athlete and as a coach!

Jurney talks about our community and how dedicated and hardworking our athletes as the reason she loves coaching at NoCoast. We have to say that we love Jurney for those same reasons; "she shows up, works hard, inspires all of us, and she loves to laugh." Thank you, Jurney for coaching and pushing all of us to be better!

Athletic/Sports history/highlights: One sport or another has gotten me out of the house since childhood. As the last of 6 kids, I was allowed to play any sport that I could get to on my own (walk or ride my bike) and was cheap or free. It began with town softball, team sports and running (softball, volleyball, cross-country) through HS, then found my love - martial arts - in college. Running was always my method of staying in shape and when we moved to CO, I discovered trail running.

How long have you been CrossFitting? About 5 years

How did you get into CrossFit? Well, CP mentioned it and thought CFE might help my running. It was a year or so later when I was bold enough to ask a gal (stranger) I saw at another gym, who appeared to be the most fit, and was a spin instructor, what she did because I knew it wasn't just cycling. Her answer, "CrossFit".

What is your favorite WOD/CrossFit movement? My all-time favorite WOD is one I did solo - "Clovis". It's a 10-mile run (I did it on trails) and 150 burpee pull-ups. The longer, the better.

What is your least favorite WOD/CrossFit movement? Wall balls.

What is your favorite part about coaching at NoCoast? Hmm - well, since huge salary, killer hours and an amazing pension are givens....I'll go with.... the people. The members! They show up, work hard, inspire me, they make me laugh, mostly don't like me, and each time I think about ditching - I'm reminded of the members.

What is your most memorable CrossFit moment? The time way back during the 2013 Open when Leah and I tied!! Oh wait, I should say I tied Leah and Asher because she was carrying him. STILL - I tied Leah in a workout!!!! I'll take it.

You had a strong CrossFit Open finish this year, qualifying for the Online Qualifier for the second time; how does competition play a role in your CrossFit experience? Entering this year is "thanks" to Tim and Ryan who urged me to enter that 1st weekend. It's interesting how competition can change one's perspective. I think the biggest thing I've learned from competition is that every rep really does count. We say that during classes and when there are a number of workouts that contribute to a score, one rep can move you up or down the leaderboard making a pretty big difference. It is a good reminder to do my best. As long as I'm doing this goofy stuff - I may as well do my best - every day.

How does nutrition play a role in your fitness and recovery? It matters. I don't claim to be the most diligent when it comes to nutrition. I subscribe to a loose version of the Zone plan with mostly whole foods and I dial it in every once in awhile. I've certainly learned a lot about nutrition and thus, I am very well aware of the times I am making a poor food choice - inner guilt trip. It's helpful to remind myself that one bad choice doesn't mean I have to make another.

How has CrossFit improved your overall wellness? Strength and nutrition are the biggest areas. I've always worked out because it's far easier to stay in shape than get in shape. Anybody who has been injured to the point of not being able to work out for even a few weeks, which happened to me in my 20's, realizes that fact. I had never lifted weights, so I'm definitely stronger - which is pretty cool.

How has CrossFit changed your family? We speak the same crazy language now and actually understand each other's excitement over "working out". When I was running ultra's, Chris' main complaint was never getting to see me.

Advice to new people: Have some fun, accept yourself as you are, and enjoy the process. You truly "can" do every WOD. And - be okay with modifying if/when appropriate.

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