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2018 Clean Challenge Wrap up

Every year, we look forward to the New Years Challenge. It is always our biggest challenge through the year with some of the greatest results we see! This year was no exception and ended up being the biggest challenge we have EVER had. The clean challenge alone had 27 participants, combined with the 20 who partook in the Performance Challenge making for a total of 47 people! That is a HUGE number and large portion of our gym! We are so proud of so many people taking the plunge into a healthier lifestyle to kick start 2018!

For the Clean Challenge, Kandi and I followed the Whole 30 protocol with a few individual modifications based on each person's individual needs, goals and desires. Unlike the Performance Challenge, there is not a prerequisite of completing a prior challenge and our ultimate goal is to provide new information about what a healthy lifestyle includes. We teach what a healthy diet looks like, excluding alcohol, sugar, grain, dairy, legumes, and processed food and why this is important for our bodies, digestion, inflammation, and overall health. Our desire is to far exceed these 28 days - we are looking for an altered and changed lifestyle for the duration. The 28 days is a benchmark for change, resetting your body, developing new habits and meal planning strategies resulting in a healthier lifestyle going forward. Following the 28 days, we look for an 80/20 lifestyle moving forward.

Our results were amazing this year! Together, our clean challenge lost a total of 154 pounds!! That is a lot of weight! We are so proud of everyone’s accomplishments and loved seeing everyone stay so committed to the challenge. For us, we had a male and a female winner . . .

For our ladies, Kristin Uhl came out as our big winner! She lost 3.5% body fat and 10.8 pounds! This challenge came as a big change for her since she relies solely on a Vegetarian diet, but she stepped up and committed to making these changes for 28 days. And, boy did it pay off! She learned how to incorporate healthier options into her diet and how to be creative in her approach to taking in the much needed source of protein that our bodies demand as an athlete. She was just as committed to her fitness as she was her food, Kristin embraced the entire lifestyle change with a smile and an optimistic attitude. Kudos Kristin!

For the men, Andre Coleman took home the prize! And, wow, did he have some serious results! He lost 6.4% body fat, bringing him down to 11.1%, which is absolutely incredible! And, he lost 15.8 pounds! More importantly, he found the answers to his digestive troubles. For many years, he has struggled with digestion and has seen countless doctors to try to find an answer . . . the answer was in his diet! And, funny enough, that never came up as an option through all of his doctors visits, appointments, and tests! These non-scale victories are a huge achievement during the challenge and are true indicators of success! These are the stories we love and make us smile!

We sincerely hope that everyone had a great experience through the month of January and are eager to continue a healthy journey for the rest of the year and beyond! We are incredibly proud of all of your hard work and dedication. Congratulations to each of you, you all make this worth every minute!

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