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Making your way in an unhealthy America

We are fighting an unwinnable battle for our health...

The idea that we can beat Big Sugar, processed food companies, and our government is so overwhelming that most of us have conceded the fight already. No matter where you go, sugar and crappy food is assaulting your freedom to live a healthy life, free from chronic disease. It truly feels like the people we're suppose to trust - our government, doctors, pharmacists, and health care professionals are setting us up to fail... I guess there's no money in a healthy society.

We're not going to win the battle - sugar and crappy processed foods aren't going anywhere, but we can individually protect ourselves and our families by learning about the dangers of these foods and how to shield ourselves from chronic disease. By joining a community like NoCoast, you are setting yourself up for success by getting the support, education, and accountability that we all need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Don't forget about our No Sugar Challenge starting this Saturday (9/29) - meeting starts at 10am (ignore my 10:15 comments in the video)

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