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2019 New Years Nutrition Challenges

With the New Years just around the corner, we're gearing up for our annual New Years Nutrition Challenges! As always, we have 2 options for nutrition challenges...

Clean Challenge - This is a Whole 30 based challenge were we learn and practice the basics of whole food nutrition, what to eat, and what not to eat.

Performance Challenge - This is a Performance based challenge were we will learn how the quality and quantity of your food affects your performance through the use of the Zone Diet. We will also track other health markers like sleep, hydration, supplements, training, and mobility. Pre-requisite - you must have completed a Clean Challenge (Whole30/Paleo).

Body Fat Test Requirement - You will need to do a Pre-Challenge test in order to find your Zone Block Prescription. This is to be scheduled, individually during the week of December 31st through January 5th with Rosanne. Follow this link to schedule apt:

You will pay her directly, but is $35 for one test (this is the one that is required) and $60 for two tests (before and after if desired)

Both Challenges are 30 Days, starting Sunday, January 6th and ending on Tuesday, February 5th. Both Challenges will have a meeting on Saturday, January 5th.

Sign up on Mind Body -

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