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NoCoast CrossFit Specialty Class


CrossFit Skills in Lafayette, Colorado

Technique Matters!

Good coaching not only allows everyone to become a better athlete, but also keeps them safe and injury free. This is why we don't over program volume; allowing our coaches time to coach and athletes time to learn. This puts everyone in the best place to succeed, day in and day out.

Expanding on this idea, we want to provide opportunities for athletes to dig deeper into movements and practice without the time and loading constraint we see on a daily basis during class.

Therefore, our addition of Specialty Classes has allowed our coaches and athletes to immerse themselves in a much slower, less stressed environment to coach/learn these high skill movements and gain a higher level of confidence!

NoCoast CrossFit Specialty Classes


Every Saturday at 10:00am. We alternate between Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Mobility, Core, Endurance, and Nutrition.  


Oly Class:

Our focus is on the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk, and related lifts. A large portion of each class is spent working on skills and drills to help improve positioning and movement for these lifts.

Gymnastics Classes:

This class is designed to allow our athletes the opportunity to learn and practice body weight movements in a more focused setting. Movements are broken down into manageable progressions and developed at a slower pace, dependent upon the individual.

Mobility Classes:

Learning how to do basic maintenance on yourself is important in staying pain and injury free. In this class we teach joint and muscle mobility strategies to put you in the best positions for your workouts and life. 

Core Classes:

Functional movements are defined by their core to extremity principle. Learning how to engage your core, as well as strengthen all angles of your core is important in maintaining safe positions as well as creating more powerful and efficient movements. 

Endurance Classes:

In this class we teach the technical aspects of running, rowing, biking, and jump rope, as well as exploring pacing and breathing techniques. The carryover not only makes your a more efficient athlete in the gym, but in your outdoor life as well. 

Nutrition Classes:

What we eat (or don't eat) arguably has the biggest impact on our health and fitness. In this class we explore the core values of nutrition and strategies to practice good nutrition in our day to day lives. 

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