168 CTC Blvd
Unit D
Louisville, CO 80027



5:30am - 7:30pm Monday - Friday
9:00am - 12:00pm Saturday
Closed Sunday
* Closed hours vary weekly
Please check MindBody schedule
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Welcome to NoCoast CrossFit!


Your first step in getting started is to set up a FREE Intro Session.

Email us at contact@nocoastcrossfit.com to set up your introduction.

The FREE Intro is a one hour session that will help you learn some more about CrossFit and the “why’s” behind the program. We will answer any questions you may have and teach you some basic movements, which will then be structured into a scaled workout that you can complete.



Following your free intro session the next step is to pick a membership. We generally suggest starting with a 3x per week, 3 month contract. 

3 training sessions per week is generally a responsible dose of CrossFit to adapt to the program. If you stick with our program for 3 months and give an honest effort, we believe the results will speak for them self

Click here to find our Memberships and pricing options.


Complete our Beginners Course. This course is 6 classes covered over a two week period. 

Tuesdays - 6:30am or 6:30pm

Thursdays - 6:30am or 6:30pm

Saturdays - 9:00am

These classes cover CrossFit methodology such as nutrition, technique vs intensity, and what CrossFit is in general. We will cover the fundamental movements used in our classes so that you feel safe and confident . . . and, of course, we will workout :) 

When: You can start on any Tuesday! The class is a continuously running program which makes starting when YOU want convenient. Check out our schedule for class times.

Cost: Regular membership fee. Once you sign up there are no other changes to be made to your membership when you move onto our regular class WODs.