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Try our Cold Plunge and Sauna for Optimal Recovery

Rest, Relax, & Recover

NoCoast CrossFit in Lafayette Colorado is a unique gym that takes a holistic approach to health and fitness. We understand that recovery is a very important part of our health and fitness journey and that’s why we offer our Recovery Room service so you can focus on feeling your best.

From Sauna, to Cold Plunge, and Normatec Recovery Boots, we have everything you need to ensure your body is in top shape.

Come join us today and get the support you need to reach your fitness goals

Recovery Room Memberships:

- $30.00 per month

- NoCoast Member Discount:

            - $18.00 per month

Contact to take advantage of this service

Sauna Benefits

-Heart Health & Longevity

- Athletic Recovery

- Arthritic & Muscular Pain Relief

- Detoxification of Chemicals & Heavy Metals

- Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

- Immune System Boost

- Increased Cardiovascular Performance

- Better Sleep

- Increased Stress Resilience

Recovery Room
Cold Plunge Benefits

- Reduce Muscle Soreness

- Improves Immune System

- Stress Management

- Improves Circulation

- Decreases Inflammation

- Improves Sleep

- Improves Cardiovascular Health

- Boosts Mood

Normatec Boots Benefits

- Reduces Muscle Soreness & Muscle Fatigue

- Aids those with Poor Circulation

- Produces a Recovery Flush

- Faster Recovery for Athletes who Participate in Intense Exercise

- Lymphatic Vessels (circulation)

- Reduces Pain & Inflammation

- Can Assist in Fluid Buildup in Legs

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