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There Goes The Lone Wolfe

I remember meeting Jeff Wolfe when I was like 7 or 8 months pregnant maybe. He was there checking out the gym for possible membership. He had to be about 15-20 pounds heavier, he had just completed a Get Huge eating plan. He asked about how competitive we were because he and his girlfriend, Veronika (you know, she qualified for Regionals last year), wanted to get after it. In that moment, I was like YESSSSSS!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! TEAM NOCOAST 2014! But pregnant with child, I don't know what I said...I definitely didn't appear all too comp ready at the moment. So, Jeff, we can chock that up to our big, BIG moment when we were both about 20 pounds heavier.

But, he really had me at, "We really like the smaller community environment." As a young, ambitious CrossFitter, I was impressed that this was a priority for him. As CrossFit grows in popularity, many fresh athletes find themselves zealous over competition and the CrossFit Games. Ambition is awesome, but groundedness is kind of a virtue these days. Jeff and V both wanted something more than a bad ass place to workout, and I appreciated that. As it turns out, he was a great fit for NoCoast.

Jeff has undergone a very intense, and uninvited maturing process since coming to NoCoast. When he arrived, he was ready to lift big, was hungry for more, and was a gymnastics ninja. Unfortunatley, he sustained a shoulder injury while snowboarding that put all of that ont he back burner. He had to spend the better part of the last two years recovering, going through several differnt treatments, and finally opting for surgery. This has surely not been easy for Jeff, and not easy for us as friends and teammates, to watch. But, Jeff has done an amazing job of stepping up as a supporter of our community.

He has gone through our rigorous coaching internship process, and stepped up as a coach. I've personally heard some great feedback from our members getting great advice from Jeff. He's thoroughly informed and that really shines when he's helping people. He also is behind Team NoCoast through all of our training, and was one of the few that made it out to Regionals both years that he was at NoCoast to cheer us on. This means so much to the team and to the greater NoCoast community.

The good news is that Jeff is recovering like a champ. He's participated in the Spartan Race, Ragnar Relay, and there may be some CrossFit action on the horizon, as he's slowly, but surely coming back from his injury. The bad news is, he'll be taking all that comeback to Colorado Springs. He's decided to set up camp back home, where he can save up some money to pay off the ol' school loans. We're a little peeved this is happening right as he's starting to get back into the swing of muscle ups and other awesome things he's been missing. BUT, we're sure he'll be an asset to the next lucky group of folks who get to take him in.

Off he goes-we know this Lone Wolfe won't be lonely for long. He'll probably be in the front of the pack, though.

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