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Pain Train vs Gain Train


Take advantage of the early bird discount to get $10 off registration price before September 1st! NC members use promo code Gainz10

1 RM Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and one workout. Strength vs Engine, which are you? Or are you both?

This will be a great opportunity to test both strength and conditioning with people in your own weight class!

$40 for NC members $50 for non members (early registration before September 1st) $60 for non members (late registration September 1st and after)

Men 179 pounds and under (Featherweights) 180 pounds to 199 pounds (Average Joes) 200 pounds and over (Clydesdales)

Women 129 pounds and under (Nikes) 130 pounds to 144 pounds (Heras) 145 pounds and over (Athenas)

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