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Work to Play

NoCoast is a unique CrossFit gym. While the media generally produces negative reports on what CrossFit is, we continue to see the complete opposite. We believe CrossFit gyms are unique in their ability to change lives. Period. Greg Glassman, CEO and founder of CrossFit, said it so well in a podcast interview with Julie Foucher:

"What's happening in the box is a miracle of health. And it looks like this: that the affiliates are an oasis from chronic disease."

This is a unique approach to the mainstream gym culture, where anonymity is the member's worst enemy to progress. Anyone can walk in and walk out without interacting with other members, much less a coach or trainer. At NoCoast, and most CrossFit gyms across the world, people's lives are being changed at minimum, and what I often see, is people actually come to life. They encounter a capability in themselves they had never known existed. And it's powerful. It's powerful in effectiveness, result, and contrary to popular belief, longevity. Media often portrays CrossFit as extreme, dangerous or just generally bad.

NoCoast is unique in that we hold true to the fabric of what CrossFit is: an oasis from chronic disease. We do that by making sure we provide resources beyond the WOD to get you there.

We value the foundation of quality nutrition, and provide counseling to help you achieve your goals.

We value quality movement, and provide opportunities to be better at it.

We value infinite scalability, not only in the physical sense, but we also meet members where they are at. We've come to learn that picking up a heavy deadlift or your own bodyweight over the pull up bar, is as much an emotional, mental, and spiritual awakening as it is physical.

We value safety in movement and proper recovery from injuries, and provide PT services that can keep you at your best.

We value all levels of athletes, whether they have never stepped foot in a gym to the elite Regional level competitor.

We provide all of these services and flavors at NoCoast and that's unique to CrossFit gyms, and to any kind of gym you might walk into. But why?

QUALITY OF LIFE. We aren't here to show off our muscles, or brag, or fight about which gym is better. We are here to fight the real enemy: disease. So that we can play with our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids without pain. So we can keep enjoying the mountains we live in. So we can move freely, be active, and always have the choice to go when we want to. Go biking, go skiing, go hiking, go traveling, go do a triathlon, go to the park, go for a walk, go swim, go play a game of frisbee or softball. We are humans. We are meant to experience the world, not just survive it. So join us.

Work hard.

Play hard.

Work to play.

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