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Muscle Up Program

The next movement in our Clinic Series is the Muscle Up. We've decided to focus on the strict muscle up. I understand this is not necessary to building capacity in the kipping muscle up. However, building capacity in the strict movement is essentially strengthening and mobilizing all the pieces required for the kipping movement. We want our members to achieve a strict muscle up before kipping for this reason. It will develop a strong base and foundation for the intense range of motion and strength needed to support lots of muscle ups in the future.

With that in mind, this program is not just for people who are "close" to getting a muscle up. Level 1 allows you to get started! It focuses on strengthening and supporting sound gymnastics movements. Level 2 is for people who have a pull up and need further strengthening. Level 3 focuses on transition work.

All I want for Christmas is my strict muscle up! You can find the program here.


Pre Req: N/A


  • 1 minute hold with rings at full extension

  • 1 strict pull up

  • 1 minute false grip hold at full extension *Recommend following pull up progressions to achieve strict pull up!

Mobility (L1) Goals:

2. Loose lats

3. Pec opening

4. Wrist mobility

Skill (L1)


Strength (L1)


1. Static hold and body control in dip and pull

2. Overall core strengthening

2. Negative movement control


Pre-Req - Everything from Level 1


  • 3-6 ring dips

  • 1 strict chest to bar pull up *Recommend having a base of 6 linked ring dips and 6 linked kipping C2B to move on to do muscle up

Mobility (L2)


1. Internal rotation prep

2. Loose lats

3. Pec opening

Skill (L2)


1. Integrity through ring dip and pull up movements.

2. Get comfortable on the rings.

Strength (L2)


1. Eccentric loading control

2. Ring dip strength

3. Pulling strength


Pre-Req: Everything from Level 2


  • One ring muscle up​

Mobility (L3)


1. Internal rotation

2. Loose lats

3. Pec opening

Skill (L3)


1. Transition work

Strength (L3)


1. Strength through transition

2. More eccentric loading control

You can find the program here.

All the videos are provided.

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