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2017 Black Track Strength Program

Mike Dickinson Yoke Carry

Now that the CrossFit Open is over, it’s time to plan out the next year of strength programming. Our goal over the course of the next year is to build strength, develop explosive power, stamina, and become a more efficient mover. All of this will be designed to peak for next year’s Open.

To keep things fresh and constantly varied, we will rotate through 4 different strength programs throughout the year; a hybrid of Westside, a Constantly Varied program, a 20 rep program, and the Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. This will not only allow us to change the stimulus, which allows for greater strength gains, but each program is unique and will help develop different aspects of strength, which I mentioned above.

To start the year off, we are going to adopt a hybrid version of the Westside program that we did during the summer and fall last year. Westside is traditionally a powerlifting program, designed to improve your 1 rep max lifts in the back squat, deadlift, and bench press; this is accomplished through heavy days, speed days, and accessory work. The downside to the program is the amount of time it takes to complete all of the work, as well as the band system and accessory movements, which most of us are unfamiliar with. My objective is to simplify the program, by making bands optional and decreasing the amount of accessory work; also the accessory work will be more in line with movements that are common to our CrossFit program. Our goal for the Westside session will be to increase top end strength, speed strength, and become more efficient movers both under the barbell and with our gymnastic movements (through accessory work).

Here is an overview of how the next 12 months will look; keep in mind that we may switch things up as needed depending on how the programming is going.

  • April through June (12 weeks) - Westside Strength Program

  • July through September (12 weeks) - Constantly Varied Strength Program

  • October through November (8 weeks) - 20 rep Program (pick an upper & lower body lift)

  • December through March (16 weeks) - Wendler 5/3/1 Program

As always, these programs are accessible through our Black Track program and are done outside of our CrossFit classes on your own time and during regular gym hours. You must go through the application process and be a Black Track athlete to access these strength programs.

If you are interested in adding the strength program to your training, email me ( for a Black Track Application; once you have completed the application, we will meet to talk about your goals, nutrition, and training moving forward on the Black Track Program. For more info on Black Track, please read “What You Need to Know About Black Track.

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