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The Good Habits Challenge

NoCoasters - What’s your vice?

What is one thing in your life that you’d love to change? Is there something that you’d love to stop doing or eating? Or is there something that you need to do on a more consistent bases?

We can all make improvements in our daily lives to be healthier, stronger, and better for ourselves and our families. So, what’s your “thing”?

Is it alcohol? Enjoying a drink or two every once in awhile is socially healthy, but when you need to drink in order to cope with life, it may be time to step back and evaluate aspects of your life instead of using a substance to “numb it.”

What about sugar? Sugar is the most addicting substance in our country and the health of millions is deteriorating at a rapid pace because of it. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and every other chronic disease you can think of is stemming from the increased consumption of sugar.

This doesn’t have to be nutritionally based either - so many of us have a social media addiction and we can’t get off of our phones. Gone are the days of talking to friends and family face to face, or on the phone; it’s considered rude to call someone as opposed to texting. What’s worse is that our phones are taking away from what little family time we have with our busy schedules.

What about getting to the gym on a more consistent basis? Fortunately, most of our NoCoast community is well ahead of the curve in comparison to the the average American, but then again, that’s nothing to brag about. Next to an unhealthy diet, sedation is helping our country grow fatter and unhealthier by the day and causing movement dysfunctions and injuries that we don’t even see in the gym.

For those of us who love to get to the gym every day and are eating a whole foods diet, maybe you need to develop better recovery habits. Are you getting enough sleep? Drinking enough water? Or taking care of your muscles and joints on a daily basis? Avoiding aches and pains, and injury is a process we need to stay on top of.

In this summer's challenge, we’re asking you to pick one thing that you’d like to change, this can be anything in your life. Over the course of 28 days we will help you incorporate strategies to accomplish your goal and keep you accountable. We don't want this challenge to feel overwhelming or in bearable; one life change should be far more manageable and obtainable in the long run. Our goal is to reinforce a habit that will last far longer than 28 days and lead to a happier, healthier, and better lift!

The cost of this challenge is $20.

Challenge Meeting - Saturday, April 28th

Day 1 of Challenge - Sunday, April 29th

Day 28 of Challenge - Saturday, May 26th

You will have a goal setting meeting with your coach (Saturday, April 28th). Your coach will help you define your goal and come up with a plan to change and develop your habit.

You will get weekly homework strategies to help you dial in your goals. These strategies will work for some more than others. They are meant to help, so if they don’t make sense, don’t use them.

You will get weekly accountability emails from your coach to make sure you are staying on track and sticking to your goal.

We will wrap up the challenge with a brunch on Saturday, June 2nd and celebrate a new, stronger you!

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