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The Open is Open

It’s that time of year again NoCoasters, the CrossFit Games Open season is upon us!

If you haven’t heard of the CrossFit Open, here’s a few things you need to know…

  1. This is a worldwide online competition. There was about 250,000 participants last year; everyone is welcome!

  2. You are able to compete against friends and family across the country/globe, as well as everyone at NoCoast.

  3. The Open starts on February 25th and last 5 weeks. Each week, a different workout is announced on Thursday evening at 6pm and you have until Monday evening at 6pm to do the workout and submit your score to the CrossFit Open leaderboard. We will host the workout at NoCoast every weekend throughout the Open.

  4. The Open is the first stage on the road to the CrossFit Games. CrossFit Regionals is the second stage, and the Games is the third and final stage. This three stage competition is designed to find the fittest athletes in the world.

  5. NoCoast has qualified teams and individuals to the CrossFit Regional competition every year since we opened in 2013!

At NoCoast, we have an awesome community of people who genuinely love and support each other. We are all hard working people who love to workout. CrossFit has away of attracting “our kind of people.” This is true of the 10,000+ affiliates around the world; a lot of them have created awesome sub-communities (none as great as ours) that support each other in how we express our fitness and our lifestyle. The Open is the time of year when the 10,000+ sub-communities come together to celebrate this fitness movement that has changed all of our lives.

I love the CrossFit Open because it gives us all a chance to see how our year of training has progressed. How is our fitness compared to a year ago? A lot of people in our community correlate their health and fitness to the quality of their life. The confidence you get from crushing it the gym overflows into your work life and home life. Who doesn’t love crushing a day at the office?! The Open is a great way to measure your progress and perhaps your personal growth.

I also love the way the Open challenges and push everyone to exceed their limits. Whether it’s lifting weight you never thought you could lift or pushing harder in a workout than ever before, the Open has a way of finding the best athlete in all of us. Finding the new potential in yourself opens you up to a new set of standards, an increase in your fitness, and perhaps a better quality of life.

The CrossFit Open is for everyone. No matter what your fitness ability is, this is an opportunity for us to compete together with the rest of the CrossFit world. Help us celebrate our fitness, our community, and NoCoast!

Sign up for the CrossFit Open on the CrossFit Games website.

Make sure you choose NoCoast CrossFit as your affiliate and as your team.

We’re 6 weeks away from the first workout announcement. Train hard and I’ll see you on the leaderboard!

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