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Athlete of the Month: Paul

Paul Gasser started CrossFit with NoCoast. He works in the CTC, so perhaps NoCoast was convenient, if nothing else. And he may be have even thought he'd just stay hidden, get a good sweat on, and move on with his day. But, instead he got stronger, faster, healthier. He's lost 15 pounds since joining, saying the nutrition challenges kick started his metabolism like he's never had before. (He was our winner for the January Clean Challenge.) He can climb a rope. He can squat to full depth with great form. He can lift more weight. With running being something he excelled at already, he's only faster now. He just moves better, all around now. All just by committing to 3 days a week of noon classes during his lunch hour. That's amazing. Figured we better share.

Age/Weight: 47/180 lbs How long have you been CrossFitting? I have been doing CrossFit about 14 months. Athletic/Sports history/highlights: I ran track and cross country in high school. Before starting Cross Fit I was running 5-6 miles 2 or 3 times a week.

How did you get into CrossFit? I work in the building right next door to NoCoast. A few of the guys from the office started coming, and said I should check it out. What is your favorite WOD/CrossFit movement? I really like all of the workouts - once I am done with them… What is your least favorite WOD/CrossFit movement? My least favorite moves are overhead squats and double-unders. I have a hard time with proper form on the overhead squats, and I struggle with the timing on double-unders…and truth be told, I don’t much care for burpees either. What is your most memorable CrossFit moment? My most memorable moment related to CrossFit happened recently when my 18 year-old-son and I were wrestling around, and he grabbed me by the shoulder, and said “Wow dad, that CrossFit is really working for you! You are really getting into good shape”….then he tagged me in the stomach and said “but you still need to work on your core”…

How has CrossFit improved your overall wellness? When I first started CrossFit, I thought I was in decent shape. After my first CrossFit class, I realized differently. It made me realize how out-of-shape I was. Exercises like toes to bar, pull-ups, and rope climbs all seemed like impossibilities. Now, with every workout, I feel like I can do more toes to bar, more pull-ups, and more rope climbs. My body has made changes over the past year. I have lost over fifteen pounds, I have gained muscle, and I am stronger. Additionally, now when I run, I am faster than I was before CrossFit, even though I am only running once a week. Advice to new people: Just keep showing up. It can be intimidating when you are in class with so many fit people. But over time, I have realized that this stuff is not easy for anyone. I am not the only one struggling. Everyone is struggling at some level. I would also advise new people to do the nutrition challenges. If you stick to the nutrition challenge parameters, you will be shocked at the before and after pictures, and how much you can change your body in one month.

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